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STOIC POETRY | Softypapa's last video

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

September 13, 2019

Dear Eric,

I was so tempted yesterday to title my latest YouTube upload Softypapa's last video. This is due to the simple fact that after completing the video (which is just another in The Good Life meditation series) I feel I can die quite satisfied that my "work here is done." Of course, I don't think any of us have any particular "work" we need to do during life - besides staying alive and making and raising babies - though many of us enjoy imagining for ourselves some mission or objective we'd like to fulfill or achieve before it's lights out for good. To this end, yesterday's video - along with the companion book Going Alone - would seem to fulfill this personal sense of mission for me. I feel like my work here is indeed done, though I have a desire and a strong will to remain around for as long as this body holds out - hopefully, another few decades. But if not...if I'm gone today - which isn't unreasonable given I am now just a few months older than my father was when he passed - then I'll go gladly to the dark with the full, broad smile of a man well-satisfied with a productive "day" of work. -Kurt

Though I'm ready to take my boots off and relax 'till the end... I won't.

My name is Kurt Bell.

You can learn more about The Good Life in my book Going Alone.

Be safe... But not too safe.

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