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Video Library

I've produced thousands of videos across numerous channels on YouTube, though I've limited my sharing on this page to just those videos which are relevant to the Going Alone story and theme. Below are links to several playlists containing videos which I hope you might find interesting along the way.


Going Alone

This playlist captures the experiences of my adventures alone in the California desert in pursuit of The Great Indifference.


The Good Life

The videos on this playlist are my recorded activities of recounting and sharing the objectives and principles which comprise The Good Life.


Book Readings

Video recorded readings from my book Going Alone. There are playlists for full and annotated versions of each chapter of my book.

YouTube Channels

Below is a list and description of my twelve channels on YouTube, focusing on various topics, mostly related to Japan and life in Japan. There is subject-matter overlap across some of the channels, mostly with the main channel "softypapa" where all content originated and later branched into a channel of its own.

Walking in Japan.jpg

softypapa (main channel)

Walking in Japan is my first-person exploration of the Japan I have known and lived in for over fifteen years.



The LylesBrother channel is where I share my thoughts, ideas and impressions of life as well stories of the trials, joys and experiences of living.

Mt. Fuji Videos.jpg

Mt. Fuji Videos

Welcome to the the Mt. Fuji Videos blog. Bringing you high definition videos and photographs of Japan's most famous mountain.

Haunted Japan 2.png

Haunted Japan

Welcome to the Haunted Japan channel. Can you find the ghost* in the videos uploaded here? You have 45 seconds to try. Let us know in comments what you see. Bear in mind that though we add at least one ghost to every photo viewers often discover more ghosts than we have added. If you can't find the ghost please use the link in each video description to see the spoiler photo which reveals the phantom's location.

Abandoned Farm House LG.jpg

Abandoned Japan

Come and explore Japan's lost and forgotten places with me.

YouTube Bullet Train.jpg

YouTube Bullet Train

Come experience Japan at the speed of life. This channel is no longer active, though it does have thousands of videos of day to day, energetic Japan living.

Japan Train Videos.jpg

Japan Train Videos

Do you enjoy trains? And are you interested in Japan? Then why not join me in exploring the amazing railways of Japan.

Ringing Tree 2.JPG

Ringing Tree

Ringing tree is the family channel for Kurt, Yumiko and our daughter Emily, especially from Emily's small years, growing up in Japan.


Real Japan Monsters

A channel dedicated to the amazing, often startling and sometimes dangerous six and eight-legged wildlife of Japan.

Japan Antique Roadshow 2.png

Japan Antique Roadshow

Welcome to the Japan Antique Roadshow. Bringing you high definition video and photos of amazing treasures from Japan's past.

Shrines and Temples.jpg

Shrines and Temples

A channel fully dedicated to the religious and spiritual side of Japan, providing tours of temples and shines both large and small and every size in between.



This channel is an outlet for my muse. A place of unfettered sharing, and some of the earliest recorded sightings of the inspiration which led me to Going Alone.

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