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Before I leave you alone


Going Alone is less about going solo into wild places, or living tolerant of solitude, or without the warm blessing of family and friends; and more about a willingness to carry on through life with a positive, optimistic spirit in spite of the perceived void-like Indifference of nature. It’s about making life good, and just, and communal—where the responsibility for defining goodness is our own, resting on our own shoulders; with additional responsibility to live well and to also actively work to improve this good living with each passing day. You are among this tribe if you do not shy away from what you find—or do not find—in the wild, or in solitude, or in the quiet moments alone with your mind. And if you decide instead to actively do something about these discovered facts in order to make something beautiful and meaningful of your brief life and days. And if you do this of your own volition mostly—not relying on others to pave over and civilize the wild with their own unfounded explanation, excuse or dogma—then you will rise to your full stature as a person of reason, an individual of truth, someone both humbled and in awe of the uncertain night, and willing to live The Good Life in that dim obscure place to the end of your days, or until discovery and effort at last reveal or produce some truer light.

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But not too safe.


Going Alone



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