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Annie Dillard

I dashed in without any fear of God at t


I might write about the world before I g
We ought to display praying mantises in
We have not yet encountered any god who
The animal is long since dissolved and i
Of course we have no idea which arc on t
After all it would have ended anyway - A
I remember what the city has to offer -
I wonder if we do not waste moer of our
We value the individual supremely - Anni
All I can do is try to gag the commentat
In the open anything might happen - Anni
When we lose our innocence - when we sta
This is why physical courage is so impor
The tomcat taht used to wake me is dead
I have hatched too with millions of my k
Like the bear who went over the mountain
Zero in on a wall-watered shore and see
And then you walk fearlessly eating what
This distant silver November sky these s
Downstream at the islands tip where the
There is always and enormous temptation
What geomancy reads what the wind-blown
Have we rowed out to the thick darkness
Utility to the creature is evolutions on
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