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STOIC POETRY | Remembering my people at dawn

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Morning is a time to remember the people in our lives. If not our very first thought, then at least after we are fully awake. Recall each face clearly in the mind. Where are they now? What are they doing? How might their lives be getting better these days, or what challenges do they know, and how might we help? And if possible, send them a brief message, a simple "hi" along with some words to greet them when they awake, a reminder that you care, and are there for them today, no matter the distance.

My first thought at dawn: My people, Their circumstance And well-being My first words at dawn: My people, Their circumstance And well-being

Situations tend to resolve themselves in proportion to our well-being. And knowing others care, and are out there for us, and want to be our people, expands our wellness like friendship fills a room with warmth. And even if we must die today, our people help to catch - if not arrest - our fall, and we go down with hands upon us, and loving faces remembering life, and the memory of companionship briefly lighting our way into the night.

And so, I remember my people each day at dawn. And I think about their lives, and their circumstance, and their well-being. And I consider what I can do to help. And I then offer a word or two of greeting - no advice, no request - just a simple greeting, and reminder that I am here for them if needed, and that I care, and that I am thinking of them today, like I did yesterday, and will again tomorrow. And then I get about my work for the day. The chores and tasks I will do to make today a good day.

A good day, for myself and for others; those I remember...and those who I don't even know.


My name is Kurt Bell.

You can learn more about The Good Life in my book Going Alone.

Be safe... But not too safe.

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