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Video about the Abandoned Japan YouTube channel

Check out this very well produced Portuguese video documenting my Abandoned Japan YouTube channel. The man who made this video, Egito, captured everything about why I made that channel: namely, to provide a first-person, off the cuff, respectful adventure experience about out of the way Japanese homes, farms, temples, shrines, cemeteries and entire communities either already forgotten or on the verge of oblivion. Egito even traced Abandoned Japan’s roots back to my main channel Walking in Japan, and correctly hints that both series will soon be brought back to life after Yumiko and I return to Japan in a few years to retire and become full time content creators.

Thank you Egito for capturing so well one of the more meaningful chapters of my life, as well as providing encouragement for me to get back to the Japanese countryside and do more!

PS Watch on YouTube if, like me, you don’t understand Portuguese and would like captions.

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