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Old Japan Daimyo House for Sale - $254,000 USD

This 200-year old house in Wakayama Japan has quite a story! Located along the ancient Kumano Kodo pilgrimage, the current owner discovered and purchased the property in 2010 while walking the route as a pilgrim himself, prompting the beginning of a ten-year effort to restore the house and grounds to their former glory. And what glory! This home was used as lodging during Japan’s feudal period by samurai warlords (daimyo) on pilgrimage with their entourage to nearby ancient mountain shrines. The landscaping includes four gates in accordance with Feng shui tradition and a stunning stone wall surrounding the property. The current owner has completed all restoration (including underfloor heating on the first floor, new baths and toilets, and a pure drinking water system) such that the property was being successfully operated as an event center prior to the pandemic. As a result, the house is super clean and move in ready and comes with furniture, including nice bedding. The owner is selling due to the impact the pandemic has had on business.

Also included in the purchase is a tea field, a vegetable garden and bountiful orchards of persimmons, plums, yuzu (type of orange) and even figs which the owner claims produce an abundant seasonal yield. There are two rainwater tanks and three compost systems supporting the gardens. All the tools you’ll need to farm and maintain the land are included in the sale.

The main room of this grand old house is an astonishing 20 tatami mats in size and capable of comfortably seating up to sixty people, making the audience room suitable for concerts, performances or even visiting daimyo. There is parking space on the property for up to seventeen cars (including one in the garage). Anglers will enjoy living or visiting here as there’s good fishing in local streams and rivers.

The price for everything is $254,369 USD. The owner notes that though he will take a loss with this sale, he’s encouraged with the hope that the buyer will love and enjoy owning the property as much as he did restoring it.

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