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Mochimune "Seriously?!" Farmhouse for sale in Japan

While browsing for houses this morning before work, I found this beautiful home for sale within our target area. The Google Maps van even captured a photo of a woman who I suppose might be the owner. This house is the very last building at the edge of a little farm village, and includes a sunny, 218 square meter garden, a small stream and covered parking for four cars. It’s also within bicycling distance to Mochimune Beach, which is my favorite swimming beach in Shizuoka, and just 22 minutes by car to visit Yumiko’s family. The village bus stop is just a few minutes flat walking from the house.


  • Japanese: 〒421-0135 静岡県駿河区小坂2161

  • English: 2161 Osaka, Suruga Ward, Shizuoka, 421-0135, Japan

Beautiful home in a terrific location.

Click here to view listing.

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