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Japan Shimoda fixer-upper house - $56,000 USD

This house doesn’t have a story (that I know of at least) though Yumiko and I have taken a strong liking due to its humble amenities and location which hit all our check-marks. We want to retire into a home that needs work, even a lot of work, which will give us something fun to do with our time. We also want space for a kitchen garden, and we want to live someplace interesting; preferably close to the sea. This old, rather run down, house has all of that. It’s located out on the tip of the Izu Peninsula, near the sea town of Shimoda (which interestingly is where the Americans first arrived with gunships in 1856 to demand Japan open its doors to trade). It’s not too convenient here to Costco, though we can actually catch a car-ferry across Suruga Bay to Yumiko’s family which is neat. Best of all, the house (like many in this area) is pipped for hot volcanic mineral water direct to the bath, with unlimited use privileges!

Honestly, this is the first house we’ve found that I’m tempted to buy sight unseen. The purchase price is $56,000 USD.

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