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Japan Container-Garden House - $42,000 USD

This house has a story within a story… Yumiko found the listing and then passed it over to me to discover the location of the house on Google Earth. Imagine my surprise when it turned out the house is in the same neighborhood where a Japanese couple live whom we follow on YouTube by the channel name “Ajikome”. This couple are a few years older than us and a few years ahead on the retirement plan. They left Tokyo several years back seeking a quieter life along the Pacific coast. I believe they are the first YouTubers we found who are documenting their efforts to claim and restore an old Japanese house who are also roughly the same age as us.

What we like best about the Ajikome couple is that their life circumstance is so similar to ours: empty-nesters in the Autumn of life ready to tone things down. This house doesn’t have much land, though it does have a rare (for Japan) two-car garage which Yumiko and I could convert into a workshop, and an equally large fenced space atop the garage which could be used as a container garden. But secretly, the best thing of all would be to meet the Ajikome couple during an evening neighborhood stroll. I wonder if they’d give us their autograph? I’ll include a link to their channel below in comments, though I’m keeping this listing for myself.

Click here to view the listing for this property.


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