STOIC POETRY | Haunting a past life

Updated: Sep 5

October 15, 2019

Dear Yumiko,

Without costumes, and two weeks too soon, we haunted together yesterday the scene and setting of one of our past lives; a place we each once took for granted, or even gave little or no thought to, though it was the setting of our home and our lives then; a pass-through city where we lived a few years in pursuit of another life; a younger life, a less deliberate life of immediacy and excess and searching. We left that place together two-decades back with a fortune and memories, and returned yesterday with only a fortune of memories and something more...a "story" and perhaps some maturity to help us see past the immediacy and excess and searching which once blinded us to whatever current life we could not then live for the fact of our incessant gaze towards something else. That something else is now largely forgotten - not given up, but forgotten - or maybe simply realized as not true, or anything worth being sought. That's it. The old dream - the old dream of youth - was discovered to be quite shallow and almost empty; a straw figure and caricature of how we once thought life should be...must be...the only way we then really knew.

And so, we returned yesterday together like old soldiers returning home from a twenty-years war. We walked side-by-side - leading an