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Golden House for Sale in Japan

Updated: Apr 10, 2023


  • Japanese: 〒424-0401 静岡県静岡市清水区中河内 3721

  • English: 3721 Nakagouchi, Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka, 424-0401, Japan

During a recent go-live event at work, while the technical team was troubleshooting an issue, I took a minute to scan the foothills around Shizuoka Japan in my continued effort to find a retirement home for Yumiko and me. I found this place! It’s a short drive from the sea in Shimizu ward and about a twenty-minute drive from Yumiko’s dad’s place. Look at that amazing woodwork inside, that great Daikoku main pillar holding up the entire house and a splendid wraparound engawa. The house is right in the center of a tiny little farming village (lots of veggie gifts from the neighbors) and at a fork in the mountain stream and directly across the street from the village shrine (festivals in summer!). There’s a nice front yard and a big sunny space between the house and the mountains behind for a kitchen garden. Ample parking, too! The price is $46,000 USD. #Japan #Akiya #Inaka

Click to watch a video tour of the inside of the house


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