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Toyama Japan Farm for sale - $7,300 USD

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

The current owner of this 96-year old traditional style Japanese farmhouse is ready to "hand over all the home and all of the rice fields around it to whoever can farm." The owner inherited the home this year and decided to let it go as they have no plans to live here or use the farm*. This is a very large home with 10 Japanese-style rooms! The kitchen, toilet and bathroom were renovated fifteen years ago. Since the house is old the owner notes that it will need some repairs, including cracks on the walls. There's even a barn which you could use as a garage. Water is from the house's own well and sewage is provided by a septic system.

The farm is located in Oyabe City within Toyama prefecture on the west coast of Japan. The residential land size is 1,396 square meters with 10,000 square meters of farmland. The main building is 232 square meters and the barn is 68 square meters. This house is designated as "Akiya" (unoccupied) and the asking price is 1 million yen (including the rice fields).

* There are important restrictions on this land as only registered Japanese farmers (non-foreigners can become farmers, but they need to register) can purchase farmland in Japan.

Click here to view the listing for this property.


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