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STOIC POETRY | Acquiring a position of faith

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

August 31 2019


You're not going to believe this... But I've become one of the faithful. Yup. It happened yesterday, about an hour after sending that last letter to you. It happened at the moment when I suddenly realized I'd convinced myself that free will is indeed an illusion - understanding that belief is more fact than choice - and when I then reflected I've no sound reason to accept that free will isn't real...I've no evidence to prove that we've no true volition...and yet I believe we do not. I BELIEVE we have no free will. I have acquired a position of faith.

And now, I am one of the faithful...

When I first became aware of this unexpected conviction, I thought the budding belief would immediately wither - like a desert bloom (or weed) failing under a scorching sun after a cloudburst brings the seed to life - wither, beneath the realization that I've no sound rationale for what I now think is true. But no, it hung on, and I believe yet, almost twenty-four hours hence. This belief seems here to stay, at least for a while - at least until I can muster sound argument enough to squash it down, or better still, remind myself that the fact of no good argument to believe is reason enough to not accept a tenet as true.

Suddenly discovering I believe

This experience is like discovering an unsightly piece of lint stuck to your clothes and body which you cannot easily brush-off, and which sticks to fabric and finger alike no matter how hard you attempt to shake it away. So, now, I'm seemingly stuck with this unsightly belief. A belief held on FAITH of all things. A belief I can currently neither advance nor defeat. Something unsupported which I simply hold as true.

I've become one of the faithful. I have full faith that free will isn't real.




My name is Kurt Bell.

You can learn more about The Good Life in my book Going Alone.

Be safe... But not too safe.

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