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The Good Life - 12/20/2022 - When life is “done”

My life is "done" now when I complete these videos each morning. It’s interesting to me how ending these daily videos with the words “my life is done” is really starting to sink in. The challenges of work are less weighty when the real work of life—our decided work—is recognized as finished and complete. Personal problems are more ephemeral and fleeting when our deeper issues have been resolved and put away. And stress feels more like the soft pelting of gentle rain than the downpour of strain of a life seemingly impeded of achieving an unrealized end. I guess then that it’s good to know what we are about, to lay out clearly our criteria and terms for a well-lived life, and then to remind ourselves daily when these are achieved, that our life may then gladly be recognized as “done”—even when we still have yet another day to live.