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The Good Life - 12/01/2022 - Running out of steam

Wow! That was a rough night for both Yumiko and me. Problems at work ambushed us both and we couldn’t sleep. Laying there in bed discussing our challenges while a dog snuggled between us sensing our stress. I’m finding work, and the challenges of work, harder to manage as I close in on sixty. There was a time, back in my thirties, when I kept a sleeping bag at work so I could sleep under my desk when the workload required a twelve or fourteen-hour day. I can no longer endure that level of intensity or stress, and instead I simply lay awake staring at the ceiling while trying to solve work problems before the alarm goes off. I guess this is the reason people begin to check out around sixty, quitting their jobs and retreating to a simple life. I didn’t see this coming and I feel ambushed and betrayed by my age. I thought I could go strong like Juan for another ten years. Maybe not. Perhaps limits are not just reached, but close in upon us when we’ve simply had enough.