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☀️ The Good Life - 07/23/2023 - When I grow up

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Emily’s childhood is really done. It’s taken me a bit for that fact to settle in. But, with university nearly over and her life path unfolding ahead, and watching her charge around the earth this summer alone, without needing me much, I guess that’s really true. Sure, I still pay the bills, but she seems ready and willing—eager even—to stand alone. It’ll be tough. But I’ll still be there if she needs or wants my help. Yup. Childhood is done. And parenting is largely over as well. What’s next? There’s still time, I think, for a whole another life to be lived.

I feel like I’m five again and a grownup has asked me “What do you want to be when you grow up, little boy? A fireman, maybe? Or a police officer?” Hmm… What a question. I guess I finally am really grown up, and it’s truly time for me to become whatever I want. Not a fireman. Not a police officer. Though, those are certainly fine things to be… Maybe a poet? Or perhaps a gardener? Or maybe—yeah, I like this idea,—maybe someone who simply walks the earth like Caine in the sun and the dark, who carries a book, and who sits under a tree when it rains, and who swims in clear rivers when it’s hot, or grabs a coffee at an old kissaten somewhere when it’s time to rest, or who stops at a park to watch children play when it’s time for an innocent smile; and who, at the end of the day, comes home to his wife when it’s that time too, and who goes to bed quickly, and who sleeps long and deep and well in the deepening dark, with the bedroom window open just enough to let in the sounds and the smells and the feel of the night. Yeah. That’s maybe what I’m ready to be, now that I’m at last, and finally, fully grown—though I doubt my five year old self would understand or approve of this decision. Maybe that’s why such important choices are not ever truly left to children to decide.


The Good Life Meditation serves as a daily compass, orienting me towards personal objectives and principles essential for a purposeful existence within an indifferent universe. Further your understanding of The Good Life by visiting my website,, or delve into my book Going Alone—hardcover recommended. Get a signed copy here. 📚✍️

🎯 OBJECTIVES: 1. Be Always Ready to Die ☠️ 2. Make Good Use of Time and Resources ⏳🛠️ 3. Develop Good and Sound Life Principles 📜🦉 4. Cultivate Good Emotional Reactions 😌💡 5. Perform Good Actions 🤝✅ 6. Recognize True Limits and Opportunity 🚪🔍 7. One Thing Slowly 🐢🧘‍♂️

8. Maintain Balance ⚖️

📜 PRINCIPLES: 1. Principle of War ⚔️ 2. Principle of Reason 🧠 3. Homunculus 👤 4. Anchorhold ⚓ 5. Home of Good and Evil 😇😈 6. Principle of Purpose 🎯 7. Atomic Principle ⚛️ 8. Principle of Nature 🌳 9. The Pirate Ride 🏴‍☠️ 10. Principle of Maturity 🌱➡️🌳 11. Social Principle 🤝

12. Principle of Family 👨‍👩‍👧 13. Public Speaking 🗣️ 14. Temperance 🍷➡️💧 15. Life Will Not Go Well ⛈️ 16. The Horror Show 🎭😱 17. That Which Must Be Borne 🎒 18. The Feast of Offal 🗑️🍽️ 19. Distraction 📵 20. Agency and The Great Indifference ⚙️🌌 21. The Best Seat in the House 🛋️ 22. The Restless Man 👣 23. The Path of Wildness 🌲🛤️ 24. The Great Life Adventure 🗺️ 25. The Risk of Avoiding Risk 🎲 26. Sin and Damnation 😈🔥 27. Complete Oblivion 🕳️ 28. The Season of Philosophy 📚

29. Scriptwriting 🖋️📜 30. Bullseye Aim 🎯 31. The Uphill Climb ⛰️ 32. Arena and Utility 🏟️🔧 33. Nothing IS enough 0️⃣ 34. The Principle of Fun 🎉

35. Being Ready 🚀

🌄📚🚶‍♂️ Kurt Bell is a passionate explorer, dedicated family man, and author of books such as "Going Alone" and "No More Looking Out For Number One." Born in America in 1964, he integrates Stoic philosophy into his physical and philosophical journeys. Today's venture on The Path of Wildness embodies this harmonious blend of exploration and mindful living. While Kurt savors these moments and looks forward to future adventures, he remains ever prepared for life's end, ready to depart without a single backwards glance.

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My name is Kurt Bell

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