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The Good Life - 01/04/2023 - A new sheriff in town *

Day four of the new year and I’m rounding Cape Horn into a lovely, calmer sea. Every new year I round into an undiscovered ocean, a place uncharted and wide, with a coastline at the port side of the ship running north into expected warmer climes. Deep ocean swells lift the ship with energies from far to the north-west, crashing in heavy breakers and surf onto the beach a mile away. Sometimes there are favorable winds blowing offshore and up along the land, wind pushing out to sea and towards the equator of mid-year, a place I know I’ll get to should I avoid shipwreck, scurvy or disease. Someday, a year from now, I’ll round another Cape Horn into some other new year sea. But ’till then, there’s good and necessarily sailing in this year’s sea, and time to stay on deck, work hard, and enjoy this chance again to sail another day.