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☀️ Life's Strife: Aria's Dilemma.

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

softypapa: Let’s assume a universe in which oblivion is the goal of every creature. Yet, life is tolerated in order to have the opportunity to mature and have babies, who in turn may then enjoy passing to nothing.

ChatGPT: In such a universe, the philosophy and way of life would be vastly different from our own. The meaning and purpose of life in this scenario would be to reach oblivion, a kind of peaceful, eternal state of non-being.

Life would serve as the passage to this ultimate state. Parenthood would be considered a sacred duty, with the act of creating new life seen as giving that life the opportunity to journey towards oblivion. Maturity and personal growth would be appreciated as steps towards preparing oneself and one's offspring for the end.

The concept of time might also be viewed differently, with the cycles of life and death being less about linear progression and more about continual return to the state of oblivion. Social norms and ethics would likely be centered around respect for each individual's journey towards oblivion, with actions that prematurely force this state being heavily stigmatized.

However, it's important to note that this philosophical and existential framework is quite different from the typical human perspective, where life is generally viewed as something to be sustained and extended for as long as possible. This contrast can lead to fascinating debates and discussions about the nature of existence and the purpose of life.

softypapa: Write a short story of a character who has had children, and raised the children, yet does not wish to die. She wants to live for life’s sake, which causes her great strife and turmoil as she faces stigma and attempts at help from people encouraging her to die.

ChatGPT: In the land of Terminus, where the ultimate goal was to pass into oblivion, there lived a woman named Aria. She was a woman who had nurtured life within her, raising two beautiful children who embraced the societal norms of their world. Yet Aria was different, she clung to life not out of fear, but out of a deep love and curiosity for the intricacies of existence.

Aria found joy in the smallest things – the taste of a fresh apple, the sound of wind rustling the leaves, the comforting warmth of a hand in hers. The world was a kaleidoscope of wonder for her, each day revealing a new hue of life's magnificent palette. But this zest for life, this thirst for more moments under the sun, was viewed as an anomaly, an oddity.

Her friends and family worried for her. They saw her love for life as a barrier to the blissful oblivion they all sought. The elders, wise and respected, came to her with soothing words of advice, telling her it was time to embrace the path of oblivion. Yet Aria found herself walking a solitary path. She tried to explain her love for life, her wish to see another sunrise, to hear another melody, to share more laughs and tears. But her words fell on ears that couldn't comprehend, eyes that couldn't see her perspective.

As Aria’s children grew older, they too joined the chorus of voices urging her towards the path of oblivion. They loved their mother, and in their eyes, they were merely helping her towards the collective goal. It caused Aria great strife, for she loved her children, but could not quell her desire to live.

In her solitude, she found herself at the edge of the Endless Sea, a place where life thrived in abundant colors and forms, much like her own spirit. She felt a kinship with the waves that danced tirelessly, the birds that sang endlessly, and the sun that rose undeterred each day.

Despite the pressure and the societal norms, Aria held on to her unique perspective. She respected the choice of others, yet she sought the freedom to live her own truth. In the grand scheme of Terminus, Aria was a spark against the night, a reminder of the beauty of existence, a voice that whispered against the wind, "Life is beautiful too." Her story became a testament to the value of individual choice, a beacon for those who, like her, wished to live for life's sake. And though she faced much adversity, she remained steadfast in her resolve, an emblem of courage in a world fixated on oblivion.

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