Paradigm and Mandate

Not that type of nature. Not the natural world—though that too. But the nature of things. The way things are. And the way things can be, behave and do behave. Everything and everyone does have some nature, some way of being. This nature seems part of what we are and how we are made, and the circumstance of our birth and upbringing and all things which make us, us. The point is, it is silly to expect us to be or behave too differently from what we are. Certainly, the more sentient beings like us might choose to exercise some fortitude and will to bend some seeming degrees from our inherent nature and towards someone better than we imagine we might be. But still, that is just us behaving according to the nature of our more capable sentient minds. That is still only us living according to our nature. To even such seeming smart ones as us there’s little chance getting past what and who we are.

     There is some nature in inanimate objects, too. A mountain has physical and chemical characteristics which contribute to what it is. And as active upon the earth we can rely on these characteristics—this nature—to inform us what to expect when encountering a mountain; such as its height, the steep sides, that there is a bottom and a top and canyons and gullies and mountain animals and wind and cold and maybe snow at seasonable times. Remembering and acknowledging these facts allows us to deal with a mountain in accordance with its nature. Failure to account for such things is done at our own peril and risk.

     And my companions have their own natures, too. My family, friends, and coworkers. So, I will ask myself: what are their natures? What of my wife? How should I expect her to be and behave? Don’t I know her so well? Should anything surprise me now about her after thirty-two years? And what about my daughter? Has she not been under my roof every day of her life yet? Is there possibly anything of consequence about her basic behavior which I cannot possibly already know? And the team at work…are they not my team? Good men and women everyone. Not without fault, yet fully capable and seemingly full of desire to work well and be good every day. And so too the larger community at the office where I work and the city where I live. And the country which is my home, and the species of which I am a member; I know something about the nature of all of these. I am very well informed about what to expect from each—both individual and collective souls.

     And then there is me…the one I should know best. A simple question is “am I honest with myself about my own nature?” Am I objective about who I am? What catalogue have I made about my qualities and my failings? Do I have some idea about what to expect of myself and from myself? What is my nature? When I can nearly grasp that—then perhaps I will have nearly arrived.


Going Alone was begun by Kurt Bell in an effort to help others understand and manage  the recognition of the apparent indifference of the universe to our well being, happiness or even our existence, and to find ways to make a good life in spite of this fact.

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