Where can goodness possibly live? Is it a thing? No. Is it alive? Of course not. Then it can’t be anywhere on its own then. For where could a non-thing which is not alive possibly be or live? Its with God you say? Well, what’s that? What is this God you refer to? What’s that you say? God is everywhere present and evident. Why do you make such a claim? Oh, how could it be otherwise you ask me? A little frustration and anger in your voice. Just look at the trees you say!  Or the human eyeball! You ask if I think these things come about simply on their own. Was there just a “poof” and a random series of events leading up to these things? Yes, I answer, it does seem there was a “poof” at the start of it all – at least that’s how it seems from our current knowledge and perspective, though I don’t know what was or happened before that, and I daresay neither do you… What’s that? What are you muttering about faith? And as far as random, I think that’s kinda true and accurate, random seems to play a role in the events which are the material of selection. Random events like genetic mutation give rise to life features—like long limbs or arched feet—which allow the better adapted to go on living and make more copies of themselves—through reproduction—than their rival less favorably endowed. But, you argue, these changes only occur in small ways, “micro-evolution” you call this? What you are calling “micro-evolution” is simply evolution seen across a short period of time. Successful great changes require much longer periods to try and fail different options and slowly propagate the successes. We don’t live long enough to watch these changes unfold such that fish become salamanders, which then become reptiles, which in turn give rise to mammals and eventually us. You can’t see this happen without a time-machine, though you can cross time quite easily through geology and biology guided be reason. What? You’re still going on about faith? Where’s your Nobel Prize for anything discovered by faith? We have much better ways to uncover and know what is true.

     So, where then beget good and evil? What? Again, with God? I might believe you if, and when, you prove your God is real. Talk to me more then. For me, I can see no other source for  good and evil besides ourselves. Where’s the good in a stone? What evil is the sea? Does starlight have malice? Is there really any anger in the wind? Good and evil are our designs and opinions. These are weak in the mind of just one. Weak and fleeting. As fleeting as that one’s brief life. Though when we find consensus with others regarding what is good and what is evil, well then we’ve got something to show and talk about. We’ve found the home of good and evil.

Notes from my muse

I define evil as the deliberate and willful negation of the well-being of thinking creatures. What we’ve begun doing to the children of illegal immigrants in the name of deterrence is evil. There are better and far more humane ways of handling the issue of living in a country where the less fortunate want to live. Let’s not become evil people.


Evil is a concept that only exists in the minds of those who can conceive of it.


Moral governance is a too blunt instrument, though it sure feels good in the hands; hard, weighty and sound. We can do better.


Always trust living conscience over deceased dogma.


Going Alone was begun by Kurt Bell in an effort to help others understand and manage  the recognition of the apparent indifference of the universe to our well being, happiness or even our existence, and to find ways to make a good life in spite of this fact.

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