Apr 15

The Great Indifference spotted in "Let the Hurricane Roar"


I spotted the following reference to The Great Indifference today in the book "Let the Hurricane Roar" by Rose Wilder Lane:


The passage describes a young mother (Molly) stranded on the prairie as she emerges from her dugout shelter to gaze at the landscape after a very severe storm.


"Air and sun and snow were the whole visible world - a world neither alive nor dead, and terrible because it was alien to life and death, and ignorant of them. In that instant she knew the infinite smallness, weakness, of life in the lifeless universe. She felt the vast, insensate forces against which life itself is a rebellion. Infinitely small and weak was the spark of warmth in a living heart. Molly was never able to say, even in her own thoughts, what she knew when she first came out of the dugout after the October blizzard. It was a moment of inexpressible terror, courage and pride."

Going Alone was begun by Kurt Bell in an effort to help others understand and manage  the recognition of the apparent indifference of the universe to our well being, happiness or even our existence, and to find ways to make a good life in spite of this fact.

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