Jan 17

An old friend died


An old friend's husband posted on Facebook yesterday that his wife - my old friend - had died earlier this week. The news was something of a shock...as such news always is. It struck close to home as I remember Keiko Sugiyama distinctly from our years together in college. She was a close friend of my wife (who was my girlfriend at the time) and we shared many of those formative young adult years. I never imagined her dead. It's hard to imagine my memories without her. Of course this statement seems awfully focused on self when I should be thinking of Keiko's family. And I do think of her family and I expressed my appropriate condolences. However, after that important action is done I'm then left with my own world without Keiko. A world now populated with the memory of a lively, energetic and loving young ghost whom I thought would never die.



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  • My driving student and I just now witnessed an utterly horrible van versus pedestrian accident on Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point. As the accident happened directly in front of us we of course did everything we could to comfort the terribly injured - and likely dying - elderly woman until the police and ambulance arrived. Fortunately, my student is a 40-something adult learner and not one of my teens. Afterwards, as we gave our witness statements to the police I was astonished at how everyone saw a different event. None of our stories were an exact match. Maybe it was the shock. I’m even doubting what I saw.

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