This is a story which required twenty-six years to complete. This is because I had to first live out the promise of a better life first revealed to me through the events of this tale, before I could then set the lesson to words to share with others. I had to first prove to myself that there is better living to be found in the identification of objectives and principles to live for, rather than the simple pursuit of living for its own sake. And so, I set out for two and a half decades to understand better the example of the worthy life and death of my friends, before making an effort to identify my own worthy ends. This book is the opening tale of a series of three books which explore the discovery of a life not much worth living, to the encounter of a universe which seems to agree, and then the creation of a life of much purpose and meaning from the material of five decades of trying. Welcome to my adventure of Going Alone. Welcome to the road which leads to The Good Life.

No More Looking Out For Number One - Signed

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