This book is for those who, when they were young, preferred gazing out the school bus window rather than socializing; looking past the landscape sliding by, to an unseen horizon where thoughts moved quietly from one disconnected moment to the next. This book is for those who would go alone to such a place in the mind, to walk peacefully through an unmarked landscape as real as thought, and as distant as imagination. It’s been forty years since my mind began to wander alone in this way, and I’ve been there and back now many times. This book is the result of my effort, and a catalog of the useful things I’ve found while far away where relevance hardly matters. I’d like to show you the way, and share what’s not out there, and talk about alternatives which make sense given the facts of the world. This book is for those who would go alone, who will step where there are no trails or footprints, who will risk everything to gain very little of real or apparent value, and who will at last reckon peace through the development, satisfaction and livelihood of a well-lived life.

Going Alone - Signed

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