I''m a non-believer who is nevertheless very curious about the Bible, it's history and the faith and way of life of those who believe. I undertook the effort of writing this book after receiving a beautiful Bible as a gift along with a request that I read it. What resulted was a long endeavor or daily reading and thinking about the words of the Bible followed by the recording of my thoughts on the subject while riding my motorcycle fifty miles to work in the morning. I did this every day, Monday through Friday, for a year and a half; beginning with the Old Testament at Genesis and concluding with Exodus 21. My effort was to understand the stories and lessons within these books and to avail myself of their message in the event I find the message to be based on reality and something I should actually heed. I'll save the result of my journey, and why I stopped where I did, for the last chapter of the book. So, come join me on this deep Biblical ride. But bring a helmet, as the road is long and filled with many twists and turn through mythology, history and the foundational message of several of the world's great religious traditions.

Freeway Bible Study - A skeptic's ride through the Bible - Signed

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