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Walking in Japan - Japan farm rope-way in operation 日本農園ロープウェイ運行中 - 日本でのウォーキング

Making good use of this day off, I’ve completed my first Walking in Japan video in almost ten years. This clip utilizes my old formatting and thumbnail style, but with a new video closing screen which points viewers in the direction of my website and book. This is the format which the new content in Japan will take (for this series at least) after Yumiko and I return, get settled, I get a new hat, and once more resume exploring the mountains of Japan.

A word about this video. This farmer and his wife are cooperating together shuttling farm tools, fertilizer and their lunch across a river chasm dividing a mountain road with their green tea farm on the other side. If you’ve watched a few of my old Walking in Japan or Abandoned Japan videos then you may recall the dozens and dozens of abandoned aerial farm ropeways we encountered spanning rivers, gorges, cliffs, forests or whatever, which farmers like those in this video used to help them do their work. But never, not in over a decade of exploring, did I get an up close view of one of these in operation they way I did with this video. This was a very lucky chance, and not one I expect to get again.

I took this clip just weeks before I left Japan to start a new life in America, and the video has been awaiting upload ever since. I hope you like it, and the slightly new vehicle of presentation; which is a glimpse and forecast of what’s to come—though I won’t be that burned-out guy in this video after I get back, my time in America having cured—possibly for good—of any chance of burnout or malaise ever again in my life.

The Good Life Meditation is my daily recitation and reminder of personal objectives and principles used in pursuit of a purposeful life in spite of a universe of seeming indifference. Learn more about The Good Life at my website or by reading my book Going Alone. And visit our Discord at:

OBJECTIVES: 1. Be Always Ready to Die 2. Make Good Use of Time and Resources 3. Develop Good and Sound Life Principles 4. Cultivate Good Emotional Reactions 5. Perform Good Actions 6. Recognize True Limits and Opportunity 7. One Thing Slowly

PRINCIPLES: 1. Principle of War 2. Principle of Reason 3. Homunculus 4. Anchorhold 5. Home of Good and Evil 6. Principle of Purpose 7. Atomic Principle 8. Principle of Nature 9. The Pirate Ride 10. Principle of Maturity 11. Social Principle 12. Public Speaking 13. Temperance 14. Life Will Not Go Well 15. The Horror Show 16. That Which Must Be Borne 17. The Feast of Offal 18. Distraction 19. Agency and The Great Indifference 20. The Best Seat in the House 21. The Restless Man 22. The Path of Wildness 23. The Great Life Adventure 24. The Risk of Avoiding Risk 25. Sin and Damnation 26. Complete Oblivion 27. The Season of Philosophy 28. Bullseye Aim 29. The Uphill Climb 30. Arena and Utility 31. Nothing IS enough 32. The Principle of Fun


My name is Kurt Bell.

You can learn more about The Good Life in my book Going Alone.

Be safe... But not too safe.

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