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The Good Life - 04/28/2023 - The house at Mochimune *

I found the most delightful home yesterday. A home for sale. It’s a little more costly than what we plan to spend, but oh, what a place! And I’ve been to that very spot twice before, even stood in front of that very house—OK, it was the house next door—and wondered and dreamed of what it would be like to live there. And it wasn’t because of the house, the house didn’t really matter, it was the place, and the area, and that community that drew my eye and caused me to stop my bicycle then to think aloud “This would be someplace to live!” For various reasons I know that home isn’t the one, and that’s alright. But for some minutes yesterday I lived there in my mind and it was good, a good home and community for everything intangible in my life; an airy place of dreams like heaven might be, a place others do seemingly wish might exist. I guess it’s good to dream from time to time about what is ideal, even if we know that what is ideal is rarely anything more than what is already real.

The Good Life Meditation is my daily recitation and reminder of personal objectives and principles used in pursuit of a purposeful life in spite of a universe of seeming indifference. Learn more about The Good Life at my website or by reading my book Going Alone. And visit our Discord at:

OBJECTIVES: 1. Be Always Ready to Die 2. Make Good Use of Time and Resources 3. Develop Good and Sound Life Principles 4. Cultivate Good Emotional Reactions 5. Perform Good Actions 6. Recognize True Limits and Opportunity 7. One Thing Slowly

PRINCIPLES: 1. Principle of War 2. Principle of Reason 3. Homunculus 4. Anchorhold 5. Home of Good and Evil 6. Principle of Purpose 7. Atomic Principle 8. Principle of Nature 9. The Pirate Ride 10. Principle of Maturity 11. Social Principle

12. Principle of Family 13. Public Speaking 14. Temperance 15. Life Will Not Go Well 16. The Horror Show 17. That Which Must Be Borne 18. The Feast of Offal 19. Distraction 20. Agency and The Great Indifference 21. The Best Seat in the House 22. The Restless Man 23. The Path of Wildness 24. The Great Life Adventure 25. The Risk of Avoiding Risk 26. Sin and Damnation 27. Complete Oblivion 28. The Season of Philosophy

29. Scriptwriting 30. Bullseye Aim 31. The Uphill Climb 32. Arena and Utility 33. Nothing IS enough 34. The Principle of Fun


My name is Kurt Bell.

You can learn more about The Good Life in my book Going Alone.

Be safe... But not too safe.

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