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Day 30 ocean swim

I took the afternoon off work today to see my doctor, which left time for arrival at the beach about an hour ahead of schedule. Not much difference though. Still cold—air and water are both cold. Plus a cold wind. But just an hour ago I took off my shirt at the doctor’s for my checkup. Not a very pretty sight to be sure, as I’m pretty soft and flabby with age—yet my skin did glow sorta, a little bit like the beach. It seems this daily application of the outdoors: the wind and cold and wet and sand, has done something to my own outside, made me sunny like the day, and a little rough like the sand, and better braced against the cold, and happier for the light. Nevermind the pharmacy today—no meds needed I think. I’ve brought my own dose of good health from the beach after all. A broad spectrum treatment without much cost, or side effect, or deeper consequence than the deliberate application of the simple fortitude needed to run fast and then dive in deep.

#GoingAlone #TheGoodLife